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For those of you who haven’t already heard, I’ve ceased publishing both of my newsletters—Geborener Deutscher®, a newsletter in English for German-born adotpees; and Das Adoptionsdreieck, a similar newsletter in German—as hard-copy periodicals. As an alternative, I have established a Group on Yahoo! called Geborener Deutscher. Click on the foregoing link to go there and join the group. Among other things, as a member of the group, you will have access to an archive of back issues of Geborener Deutscher®.

My on-line bibliography, The Readers’ Guide to Adoption-Related Literature, has been updated through March of 2015, and the process of adding new titles is ongoing. So please be sure to check it out periodically to see what’s new!

Oh, and I am currently responsible for maintaing the website of the local adoption support group here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Operation Identitiy, so check that out, too!

— William L. (“Bill”) Gage
December 31, 2015

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